Validation Institute

Validation of your outcomes and/or business commitments by the Validation Institute allows your company to compete on the basis of integrity and proven performance.

We apply the strictest accepted standards to the measurement of population health outcomes, helping you to stand out above the competition and thereby win more business.

At the same time, every validation serves to increase the credibility of healthcare overall, something that benefits the industry as a whole.

The goal of the Validation Institute's is to help organizations involved in population health - from Health Plans to Employers to Vendors - adhere to the highest standards of validity, allowing them to compete on the basis of integrity and performance.

The Validation Institute's Trusted Community is made up of companies that have had outcome claims and/or contractual language validated by one of our 3rd party, independent validators. Our validators are population health and statistical experts.

By impartially challenging the status quo of typical population health outcomes measurement, we seek to impact how the industry establishes its credibility over time.

To achieve this objective, we seek cooperation of stakeholders from across the healthcare industry - only through cooperation can we start to move the industry to a place of trust and credibility.

We invite you to join the effort.

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