1. Reinsurers - Providers of stop-loss coverage to self-insured health plan purchasers.
  2. Commercial Insurers - Providers of “Administrative Services Only” to self-insured health plans, typically under the auspices of major national health insurance carriers (e.g., Blues, United, CIGNA, Aetna, Anthem, Humana)
  3. Third Party Administrators - Independent administrators of self-insured health plans.
  4. Direct Care Provider: General Inpt - Provision of general inpatient services.
  5. Direct Care Provider: General Outpt - Provision of general outpatient services.
  6. Direct Care Provider: General Primary Care - Provision of general primary care.
  7. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Wellness - Provision of wellness services.
  8. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Cardiometabolic - Provision of care for cardiometabolic conditions.
  9. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Musculoskeletal - Provision of musculoskeletal conditions.
  10. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Fertility - Provision of fertility issues.
  11. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Pain Mgmt/Addiction Reduction - Provision of pain management and/or addiction management services.
  12. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Cancer Mgmt - Provision of cancer care services.
  13. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Imaging - Provision of imaging services.
  14. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Reconstructive Surgery - Provision of reconstructive surgical services.
  15. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Dental - Provision of dental services
  16. Direct Care Provider: Specialty 2nd Opinion - Provision of 2nd opinion services
  17. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Destination COE (US) - Provision of domestic Center of Excellence services
  18. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Destination COE (Intl) - Provision of offshore Center of Excellence services.
  19. Direct Care Provider: Specialty Obstetrics - Provision of obstetric services
  20. Program Provider: General - Third party health care management services.
  21. Program Provider: Specialty Cardiometabolic - Third party cardiometabolic management services.
  22. Program Provider: Specialty Musculoskeletal - Third party musculoskeletal management services
  23. Program Provider: Specialty Cancer Mgmt - Third party oversight of cancer care.
  24. Program Provider: Specialty Imaging - Third party oversight of imaging services.
  25. Program Provider: Specialty Dental - Third party oversight of dental services.
  26. Program Provider: Specialty 2nd Opinion - Third party 2nd opinion services.
  27. Program Provider: Specialty Obstetrics - Third party oversight of obstetrics services.
  28. Program Provider: Care Navigation - Third party referral management
  29. Program Provider: Specialty Destination COE (US) - Third party management of access to domestic Centers of Excellence
  30. Program Provider: Specialty Destination COE (Intl) - Third party management of access to international Centers of Excellence
  31. Reference-Based/Bundled Pricing Services - Management of payment arrangements
  32. Captive Insurance Pool Managers - Management of captive insurance pool arrangements
  33. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers - Development/Provision of pharmaceutical solutions
  34. Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers - Drug Distribution Intermediaries
  35. Drug Management Consultants - Drug Optimization Advisors to Purchasers (Employees & Unions)
  36. Clinical Information Systems: Health Systems - Electronic Health Record Solutions for Health Systems
  37. Clinical Information Systems: Ambulatory Care - Electronic Health Record Solutions for Ambulatory Care Environments
  38. Health Care Analytics Platforms - Health Care Analytics Tool Suites
  39. Value Transparency Services - Health Care Pricing/Performance Data Services
  40. Medical Claims Review - Medical Claims Evaluation/Audit Services
  41. Telehealth Providers - Providers of remote health care services through telecommunications technologies.
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