• Final application deadline: Submission Period Closed for 2019
  • Finalist announcements: March 7, 2019
  • Finalists must apply for Validation (Validation to be completed by March 8, 2019)
  • Award Winners (Diamond, Gold and Silver) selected: March 29, 2019
  • Health Value Awards Presentation: April 28, 2019 – 5:00 pm at the Annual World Health Care Congress

* Applicants should assemble materials required by the validation process beforehand, and be prepared to immediately submit upon notification of finalist status. Those who wish to pursue validation independent of their progress within the HVA competition may choose to submit the required materials earlier.

Certain categories are subject to a Validation Process. These include, but are not limited to: Payers & Related Suppliers: 1. Reinsurers, 2. Commercial Insurers and 3.Third Party Administrators. They also include: 4. Direct Care Providers and 5. Product/Program Providers. The Validation Institute certifies these clients for integrity, data reporting and transparency of claims and cost savings. It looks for consistency, accountability, compliance and compatibility of products and services, and desirable outcomes such as quality of life and value creation.

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